Davies' Above The Salt  


DOB: 6/18/94 - 2010
Black Tri Neutered Male

  • # 4 ASCA SVCH

    Multiple High In Trial - Herding

  • High In Trial - Agility
  • Most Versatile Aussie Awards

  • MVA #6 2000 ASCA Nationals

  • Multiple AKC Best of Breed wins

  • AKC group win



Salt left us at the age of 16 years 5 months and 13 days. He has left a hole here at Fly Away, but I know he's watching over us with Cresent and Fini. Salt was a number of firsts for me. My first male dog, my first agility dog, my first conformation CH, my first SVCH. He took me places I never dreamed of going. He let me experience things I've never heard of and through him I have met and have a lot of good friends. With his exuberance and joy for life, I can only aspire to learn a lesson from him and treat life the same way.

Keep attacking those cones old friend! Till we meet again!

It's hard to explain how it feels to have owned, trained, and competed with a dog like this. He was the second Aussie I ever owned. The real meaning of an Aussie like Salt can only be understood after meeting him.

A moderate dog with great structure, Salt is not a flashy, show-ring fad.  He is a correct and instinctive Australian Shepherd with personality plus.  He holds a Breed Championship in both ASCA and AKC.

Salt does agility AGE 15

A powerful, instinctive working dog, he holds a Working Trial Championship and has several titles with AHBA and AKC.

Because of his impressive physical athleticism, his biddability, and intense drive, he has excelled in agility as well.

All of these things together have earned him the title of SVCH--Supreme Versatility Champion of the Australian Shepherd Club of America. He has achieved multiple high in trial in the working arenas and also has earned Most Versatile Aussie awards at the Nationals level, in competition with some of the greatest Aussies in the world.

To say it's been the ride of a lifetime is an understatement.  To have a dog like this by my side, ready to do anything I ask (and with the signature Salt enthusiasm!) is an honor and a privilege.

Salt will go down in the history of ASCA, of course.  He has made his mark.  But above all, he's my buddy, my friend.  He has made his mark on ME.